Lots of different fishing holes

Smokey Mountains, NC

In 1995 I had started to contribute to a usenet community called rec.outdoors.fishing.fly or ROFF for short. In 1999 the idea was floated that we get together for some fishing in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. So I loaded up the pickup with some 12 cases of beer plus some tackle, a change of clothes and headed south.

Managed to navigate through Detroit straight to the cabins nestled in a quite valley on the side of a reservoir.

Jim casting to a little pool on Snowbird.

Ken, jim and Jeff at the srart of the climb up.

The gang at the cabins.

Laurel hell. Climbing up the gorge sides with a rod, while trying to get through monster rhododendron plants was nearly as bad as getting out of the Whirlpool.

Joe, Ken, Mark, Ash, and wayno outside of Dick’s Creek. Notice the road beers. On the Snowbird trip, Ash sat on his Orvis rod, turning it into a multi-piece.