Lots of different fishing holes

Spring Creek 1998

Scott and I decided to go back in ’98 as one of my R.O.F.F. friends had offered the use of his ‘fishing’ house, otherwise known as the “Pink House” by the locals.

SpringCreek98 3
On arrival, we found the key and settled in amongst the ten thousand big, ugly beetles that had also declared the house their home. Real fun sleeping with beetles crawling over your nose. Wanted to vacuum them all up by the vacuum cleaner was on the fritz.

SpringCreek98 4
View of Spring Creek from the backyard. Really an ideal location sans beetles.

SpringCreek98 5
Downstream view of the creek from the backyard.

SpringCreek98 2
Scott fishing a nice run.

SpringCreek98 1
A brown taken out of the Creek downstream from Bellfonte.

A little brown taken from the run behind the house.