Lots of different fishing holes

Upper Credit River 1994 to the present

The Credit River fishes as two rives, with the upper section being high gradient, small, and home to brookies, baby steelhead, browns, and some Atlantics. The lower river tends to flatten out, broaden and there the quarry is steelhead and chinook salmon. The river used to get a run of coho, but that has died out.

The upper section is perfect short rod water in the 2 wt. to 4 wt. ranges. Most of the fish average under 12 inches, but there are a few big ones in the larger pools.

A colourful little brookie that went after KRC dry.

A lovely stretch in the park.

Scott with a nice brookie at the Hwy 24 bridge.

Mu casting for fish in the Cataract. Mu had driven up from Michigan to try his luck, while he was doing his PhD in physics.

My buddy Greg living up to his online handle of “Rod Brake”.

Greg nymphing a nice run to no avail.

A view of the Cataract.

Scott with a hatchery escapee steelhead. These fish are not welcome in the brookie section.