Lots of different fishing holes

Vancouver Island

I was running some focus groups in Vancouver for my employer and I took advantage of it to add three days of fishing vacation to the trip. Courtney Ogilvie of Nile Creek Fly Shop and Beulah, graciously extended an invite to me to stay with him and spend some time on the Stamp and Campbell River. Not only were he and Val excellent hosts, but he took me on a float trip of the Stamp. What a beautiful river. The Campbell River trip was also notable as we fished right behind Roderick Haig-Brown’s house, which added a nice historical touch.

KD Air got me safely from Vancouver International and back. Nice to be flying on a small airplane again as I had missed the feeling of real flying.

Nice pool on the Stamp that was full of sockeye.

Can’t remember the name of it, but there’s a lake in the middle of the Stamp where the hatchery is located. The lake is off limits to fishing which is just as well for the bottom was carpeted with salmon and steelhead.

Entrance to Haig-Brown’s property, now managed by the province.

Interesting sculpture including his hat, book and pipe.

A run on the Campbell that was full of kings and pinks. Caught loads of pinks and had one very brief hookup on a king.

A different view of the run.

The same run looking downstream.

The intrepid threesome on the Stamp. Photo courtesy of Courtney Ogilvie.

Me releasing one of many resident trout we caught that day. Photo courtesy of Courtney Ogilvie.

On the Stamp fighting either a pink or a sockeye. Yup actually had a fair hookup on a sockeye. Photo courtesy of Courtney Ogilvie.

Fighting one of many pinks on the Campbell. I was doing OK and getting some fish when I put on a battered Brown Trout Weamer. Well they wouldn’t leave it alone and eventually I lost it, but not before I wore out my arm. Photo courtesy of Courtney Ogilvie.

Landing a pink. Photo courtesy of Courtney Ogilvie.

And the result. Photo courtesy of Courtney Ogilvie.

One of Courtney’s nice fish.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Ogilvie.