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Putting Sinktips on a Rage Shooting Head

I recently took a look at a Rage 510 head and I figured it would turn a sinktip as the tip of the line was so thick, plus the mass was fairly compact. So I dug out a 105 grain 9/10 intermediate sinktip, strung it on the 510 and let her rip. It was a thing of beauty with the front end laying out like they were made for each other.

Did some checking, measuring and weighing to come up with this guide that matches Airflo Delta Multi-tip sinktips to a Rage head:

• 420 Rage matched to 77 grain, 13’ sinktips for 6/7
• 450 Rage matched to 85 grain, 13’ sinktips for 7/8
• 480 Rage matched to 97 grain, 14’ sinktips for 8/9
• 510 Rage matched to 105 grain, 15’ sinktips for 9/10
• 540 Rage matched to 115 grain, 15’ sinktips for 10/11
• 570 Rage matched to 115 grain, 15’ sinktips for 10/11

This a conservative selection as I’ve found that even the lighter Rage heads can turn over the heavier tips. The tip thickness of the Rage head is an important part of the ability of these heads to turn tips. When I got the micrometer out, I found that the Rage tip thickness was in the same range as a comparable Delta measured at 15’ where the tip loop would be. When we add into the mix the fact that the Rage head has a more compact mass, it shouldn’t be a surprise that these heads will turn over these sinktips.

So anyone with a Rage head or two can match it up with the right set of Airflo Delta Multi-tip sinktips and they will have a 45’ long, multi-tip, shooting head system. These sinktips are available individually. To match this up to your rod, assuming Scandinavian or Traditional casting, add the weight of the sinktip to the Rage head to determine the proper weight. For example, the 510 Rage plus 105' tips makes for a 615 grain, 45' line.

If you like to see the analysis that went into this, click on the image of the spreadsheet below. This will download the file rage_tips.xlsx and you will then need Microsoft Excel to read the file.