Lots of different fishing holes

Newaygo Spey Clave 2007

The guys always put on a good event at Newaygo and the ’07 version was no exception. I had scheduled a full sink demo for the group, but the day before I had gone out fishing, in the process, aggravating an old shoulder problem when I got irritated with all of the weeds I kept hooking. I started roll casting hard to clear the weeds and screwed the shoulder in the process. The river had experienced a hard rain earlier and it stirred up a lot of weed in the river.

Well, the demo didn’t go so well and with the exception of a brown, the fishing wasn’t so hot ether. Nevertheless, it was still a fun time. Nice to meet up with Toni Karuvaara who flew over from Finland for the event. Pete Humphreys was our genial host and Jack Cook managed the trip out from Washington as well.

My nice brown with a Brown Trout Weamer in its lower jaw. She did a fine imitation of a steelhead for about 15 seconds then the 8/9 overwhelmed her.

Toni doing his demo.

Pete explaining a cast.